Founded in 1990s’, GUZZI® Shoe Company has always placed great importance on creating functional footwear with the newest technology.

Growing further from a home based operation to becoming an entity creating GUZZI® and Police® homebrand, we have strongly built our reputation and received a greater demand in providing the best quality of footwear solution.

Our Steel Toe Work Boots are of the quality and craftsmanship that the GUZZI® is known for. We offer industrial work boots that are produced according to the patented process Goodyear Welt Construction that is inspired by the now traditional Goodyear welting. By improvising and incorporating this traditional shoe making method to the modern technology, GUZZI® aspires to bring the technology to the next level in terms of comfort and durability.

If you are looking for a reliable pair of work boot, look no further. Built for work & exceptional comfort & durability, these safety toe cap work boots won’t let you down. We provide excellent solutions for footwear demands for both men and women.

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Guzzi ® Safety Shoe fits almost all industry operational dynamics. The Lockstitch & 365 series are Guzzi’s Signature evergreen products. Affordable yet undoubtedly durable meant for heavy duty wearing.

Police ® our premium boot products, not only protects your toes, but also take care of your entire family lifestyle footwear needs. Police® footwear are made from highest quality materials. Fully utilizing GoodYear Welt construction technique – Shoes are resole-able thus extending the lifespan of a pair of boot. Making it very durable without undermining comfort.

Our Vision

Aspiration to be a Green Warrior, Guzzi has introduced the Goodyear Welt Construction method to Malaysia. This shoe making technique enhances durability of the shoes, thus reducing the frequency of replacement. It is not only cost saving, but reducing unnecessary waste to our mother earth. We place great importance to raise awareness on conservation and moderation on use of any raw material and natural resources.


A pair of performance driven work boot makes life different.
Never compromise on quality for profitability.

Our Commitment

Guzzi believe in long term business relationship. We treat every clients & customers as business partners and always look forward to see their returning.

Hence, it is important that we work with alliances that practice the same values as ours, to provide better quality and solution. Whatever issue raised by our clients or customers, we ensure we deliver solution in a responsible way.


Safety is our utmost priority in shoe making. We have undergo series of stringent test to ensure its durability,
quality, safety is in checked. As one of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) manufacturer, Guzzi® was awarded SIRIM since year 2001 and DOSH accreditation in 2018.

Our boots are suitable in a wide variety of heavy-duty industries, including construction, manufacturing, mining, transport & logistic, oil & gas, security as well as automative.