Western Boots

If you have not worn any western boots before, you will be surprised to discover that these boots are actually comfortable – just like your pair of daily shoe.

Featuring POLICE® classic Western boots. Crafted from the finest top grain leather coupled with Good Year Welted technique further enhancing the durability of this collectible item. Designs are sewed in single needle stitches with patterns on the upper leather carefully handcrafted.

We do not mass produce this classic Western boots for the obvious reason, you don’t see these kind of elaborated stitched designs with detailed inlays – because it’s very time consuming and requires a lot of handwork. And for that very reason this is going to be a good custom hand-made boot for you and your loved ones. With all said and done, it only makes sense if you owned this collectible boots to feel the difference.

Customize your Western Boot with us!