Welcome to GUZZI® Shoe Company
- We are a safety shoes manufacturer.

We specialise in manufacturing men industrial leather safety boot. Our work boots are made of resilient materials to enhance protection on workers’ feet from hazard working environment. Our manufactured work boots are considered an essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at many heavy engineering and construction industry.

We manufactured both homebrand safety boot: GUZZI® and POLICE ®. Both of these safety boot are designed to maximise protection for industrial users and engineers.

Our Homebrand

ANY Differences of GUZZI® and Police® Safety Shoes?

GUZZI® and Police® Safety Shoes are the homebrand that manufactured by our company. All of our safety shoes are manufactured according to the patented process Goodyear Welt Construction and through this technique, our products will be durable and last a long time, beyond the normal wear of the outsole. Both brands are light, durable, high abrasion resistance, chemically inert to most common oils and resistant to most common acids and alkalis. 

The main difference between GUZZI® and Police® Safety Shoes is GUZZI® only for men safety shoes and Police® is for both men and ladies safety shoes. Ladies who look for durable, comfortable and good looking safety shoes, Police® definitely will be your good choice.

Why to choose our manufactured safety shoes?

  • GUZZI is the trusted name in manufacturing safety shoes in Malaysia. The safety shoes that we manufactured to meet the toughest safety norms, GUZZI® and Police® is robust and reliable.
  • We help you to build enduring cultures of safety across a wide range of industries. 
  • We use the finest and genuine leather to manufacture our Leather Safety Shoes Range as for protection and flexibility.
  • Safety shoes that we manufactured are lightweight, strong, great finish, comfort, strong anti-skid, grip, durable and higher resistance against hazardous industrial chemicals, oil, petrol, alcohol and abrasion resistant. 
  • Our workforce is well trained well trained and experience to cater all the complex requirements and deliver all the safety shoes which is fulfil the requirements.
  • Our factory is well equipped with latest machineries and equipments to deliver the best safety shoes to our customers. Our workforce will conduct a stringent testing with an in-house testing lab to make sure all the safety shoes we produced are fulfil the requirement.
  • This is because we understand that safety cant be compromised and thus we are striving for ZERO defects in our manufactured safety shoes